Rules for Police Contact

  • Rule 1: Always be Calm and Cool.  A bad attitude guarantees a bad outcome.
  • Rule 2: Remain Silent.  What you don't say can't hurt you.
  • Rule 3: Don't get Tricked.  Remember, police are allowed to lie to you.
  • Rule 4: You have the right to Refuse Search Request!  Saying No to searches can't be held against you.
  • Rule 5: Determine if you're free to Go.  Police need evidence to detain you.
  • Rule 6: Don't Expose Yourself.  Doing dumb stuff in public makes you an easy target.
  • Rule 7: Don't Run!  They'll catch you and make you regret it.
  • Rule 8: Never Touch a Cop!  Aggressive Actions will only earn you a more aggressive response.
  • Rule 9: Report Misconduct.  Be a good witness.
  • Rule 10: You don't have to let them in.  Under most circumstances, Police need a warrant to enter your home.

© 2011 Dawna Kim